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Let me tell you a story, it was one cold gloomy night. The phone rang and I could hear through the speaker that my customer was definately in distress. I could tell that the person who is on the other side is really having it. His was in Guelph downtown, parked on the street after a long day at work simply wanting to reach his place of residence. He seemed very upset and kept mumbling how his life is broken and his ex left him, he lost a good paying job that same year and it seemed that the world has turned upside down for him. Among all the other bad things that happened to him as he was growing up he always felt like no one really understands him but fortunately at that moment someone did ("Your words say a lot about you and this is the reason why I never judge strangers. Just listen and understand." — Eli Abbasov)

Out of all the mess and the nervous breakdowns which the person was dealing with I could pull out a piece of information which helped me realize — his key won't turn in the ignition. He was trying to get home from work and his car key won't turn to start the vehicle! The spare is nowere to be found and now his only car key won't turn either!

Late or early, hot or cold. Out there I'll be.

The customer which I will not name (call him Eli for all you know) now realized that he is in a sticky situation. Self blame is the first thing that came to his mind, maybe somehitng his ex told him or something his boss keeps telling him at work. He always feels at fault and this case was of course the last straw in sequence of unfortunate events for that customer, that day and that time in his life. You know what I mean, we all reach a break point somewhere and find new hopes the next day. 

After getting all the details I could only reassure the customer that EA Locksmith is on your side and here to help, from that point this is what it's all about.

On-site the guy seemed still upset but hopefull that he will get his car started, as always facts are facts and we need to examine the situation when on-site. I quicly realized what the problem was and after working on a solution his ignition was out and ready for repair. At this point the customer was hopeful and more importantly positive about the potential outcome of the evening.

Later that night I mentioned to the customer, that he is not alone. We are humans not perfect and very slow in learning, imagine it takes us 20 years to mature and another 10 years to get educated or educate ourselves. We learn from those exact mistakes and those exact challenges in our lives, more importantly we try to submit those lessons into our data base which is our brain to hope not to repeat the same mistake and do the right thing to prevent it. Like maybe a spare key or a fresh cut in order no to wear the ignition off. This is just an example of many; anything you imagine really, the point is "No matter how hard you fall, if you survived it's only time you need." — Maria Kayal

I remember the customer smiling at me and asking me why I am so positive and how I do it. I explained that I come from a very negative place with lots of pain, if I am not positive. I die. Hope+Time=Survival.

Hope you have a trouble free Holidays! Whoever you are. If you need an on-call locksmith in Guelph you know who to call...

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Student Lockout Waterloo - Happy Moving!

Car Locksmith Waterloo

Being a student is not easy, EA Locksmith Waterloo is committed in helping students getting back into their rooms wherever they are, late after hours and cold lonely nights it doesn't matter how bad it gets when you got locked out you will be served. Getting back into your room never been easier and with our prices students can definitely afford a service like ours. 

Situations, often we receive calls from students with all types of situations like a bedroom lockout or a room lock change. In some cases even lost car keys or door lock repairs (for cars). Students who drive vehicles older than 2010 receive a competitive discount on car key copies and remotes.

Car lockout — being locked out of your car is not a fun experience and you shouldn't be taken advantage of, our service is fun and honest we show up in intention to resolve your problem on it's best side satisfying you and keeping the business alive.


Waterloo Auto Locksmith Updates

Looking for a locksmith in Waterloo? Honestly the only difference between Waterloo and Kitchener locksmith service is the keyword, when typing either Kitchener or Waterloo locksmith keywords in your local directory like Kijiji or Yelp. I guarantee you will find plenty of help there. Typically it would take a locksmith about 20 minutes to reach north Waterloo; 25 minutes at most in average traffic conditions while driving safe.

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Waterloo Canada Traveling and locked out?

EA Locksmith Inc.

Remember, as a traveler you are at the top of the world. You are enjoying the scenery, mesmerized by the Canadian landscape and the massive feeling of freedom and then whoops you manage to lock yourself out of your car or worse lose your car key! What can be worse for a tourist who loses his car key and now has to wonder around Waterloo in search of the key. Many ask Google for help using keywords like "Waterloo locksmith" and some use maps, especially those who like to read reviews. 

Another situation which I can think of is a hotel room lockout, it can happen when the card reader gives out unless it ever happened to you, you wouldn't know but it feels great when you have a locksmith in Waterloo which can help with such lock mechanism for example at 2:00 am. 

I will keep it short, locksmiths in Waterloo are plenty but as a tourist I can recommend only a few locksmiths in Waterloo which I personally would work with.

I am being too obvious eh? That's just facts.